Deciding to change jobs takes time.


Speak directly to the candidate you want to hire

The best way to get experienced candidates to apply is to communicate with them directly. With over 8 million records in our database, Katon Direct can reach 99% of healthcare candidates and segment them by location and experience. Once qualified candidates in the proper demographics are identified, easily send personalized messaging about relevant job openings.


Build relationships through targeted campaigns.

Getting great candidates to apply takes time and patience. Consistent communication across marketing channels with enterprise-grade technology will attract top tier talent so that they start looking for you.
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Digital Ads
  • Direct Mail
  • Events


Increase applications received by maximizing successful marketing strategies.

With Katon Portal, our proprietary client management platform, know how your recruitment campaigns are working in real time. See candidate scores rise as people gain interest in applying to your open positions.
  • Candidate Scoring
    Interest rising
    Interest staying the same
    Interest unknown
  • Actions taken

Case study

Learn how a nurturing campaign improved the applicant pool for an award-winning health system.

Why Healthcare Recruiters Need Marketing